Knead it Or Knot

“The better you feel the better you are…”

These days we are:



involved in the cult of business,

overwork and over-scheduled…

There just seems to never be enough time in the day.


Modern inventions such as:


Washing machine,


Social Media,


Have made everyday tasks easier, but all the added stress of living in the current time takes it toll on our bodies.


As our lives become increasingly busier and more stressful it becomes more important to take time to heal and repair our bodies.

Taking care of one’s body is just as important as it is taking care of our family and career, however we often forget to take time out for ourselves.

The truth is the better you feel the better you are able to achieve your everyday tasks.

Do me a favour, look at the bottom of your shoes your currently wearing, take note of any dirt, marks or holes that have formed or are in the process of forming.

Your muscles are very similar, in the way that as we walk through life we go through experiences that will inevitably take a toll on our bodies, like walking through mud does with  your shoes.

If your aware of it or not, day-to-day stressors reflect in our muscles, if you don’t tend to your body, you will feel the consequences and unfortunately its not as easy as buying a new pair of shoes.


Still not convinced? Here are 5 benefits of a massage:

1) It counteracts all that sitting

Desk workers have more advanced forms of postural stress due to prolonged periods of sitting, putting tension on the lower back and gluteals, this also tends to manifest in the shoulders and neck, luckily massage can counteract the imbalance caused from sitting.

2) Eases muscle pain

Massage increases and improves circulation, thus it is perfect for sore muscles and an effective method for the treatment of chronic back pain.

3) It soothes anxiety and depression

Human touch in a professional and therapeutic context can be really relaxing due to the endorphins released during a massage.

Inevitably reducing stress, helping with anxiety and to can aid in the management of depression.

4) It improves sleep

Massage promotes relaxation and sleep by reducing stress and increasing positive endorphins allowing your body to focus on getting a restful sleep rather than focusing on the pain and aches.

5) It relieves headaches

Massage has been well known to aid in relieving headaches which is often isolated tension based pains, a massage is able to relieve the built up tension caused by the stressors of everyday life.

You only have one body, and one chance to treat it right, now that you know you knead it, let us assist in getting rid of those knots.