Massage therapy glossary

Pain of variable intensity, experienced for less than 3 months.

Pain of variable intensity that has lasted for longer than 3 months.

A therapeutic style of massage that utilises a firmer pressure to target the deeper layers of tissue. Can be used interchangeably with Remedial massage.

A style of massage that uses heated stone (to ~55˙c) alleviate longstanding muscle tension. A highly relaxing massage that can be used in a more therapeutic style upon request. May also be referred to as Hot Stone Relaxation massage.

A style of massage that targets the superficial lymphatic system. This massage is done to increase the circulation of lymphatic fluid around the body, by targeting superficial capillaries (blood vessels) and lymph nodes. This massage style is performed using an extremely light pressure, at a slow speed.

A professional massage service where portable equipment is used, so that treatment can be done anywhere. Mobile massages commonly take place in a home or office.

Restoration of normal function within specific structure/s, from injury or illness.

A style of massage that uses slow, long strokes to target the superficial layers of tissue, leaving the client feeling a deep sense of relaxation. This style is perfect when done in the comfort of your own home, as once it’s over you will only want to put your pyjamas back on and enjoy a nice deep sleep.

A style of massage that assess and treats muscles, connective tissue, ligaments and tendons on a systemic basis. This style is therapeutic, so it is used to treat specific areas of pain, tightness and discomfort, or in the rehabilitation of injuries.

A style of massage used for management of sports related injuries or in preparation for, or following, a sporting event.

A relaxing style of massage that can be used interchangeably with Relaxation massage.

Massage for a therapeutic benefit, such as decreasing pain, tension or discomfort around the body. This form of massage works to restore the body back to normal and optimal function. Therapeutic massage and remedial massage can be used interchangeably.

Often referring to soft tissue, meaning the structures that support or connect organs of the body. Examples of such structures include muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and fibrous (scar) tissue.

An unwanted chemical that will eventually be removed from the body. Massage manually disrupts muscle tissue and so it aids this process of waste removal.